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What is TattooMapr?

Welcome to TattooMapr, where we revolutionize the way tattoo shops engage with clients by offering immersive 3D scanning technology. Our service provides a unique virtual open house experience, allowing potential clients to explore your studio from anywhere, at any time.

Immersive Client Engagement

TattooMapr's 3D scans create a virtual experience that mirrors an in-person visit, enabling clients to tour your studio comfortably from their own homes.

24/7 Open House

Imagine your studio being accessible 24/7, breaking down geographical barriers and reaching a global audience. Our 3D scanning technology ensures that your studio is always open, allowing clients to explore your artistry at their convenience.

Increase Bookings Through Pins

TattooMapr enhances your virtual tour with customizable pins for each tattoo station. For an added cost of just $5 per pin, these pins can link directly to your preferred booking methods, social media accounts, or website.

Aesthetic Tattoos

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Cartoon Tattoos

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Sketch Tattoos

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Always Open

Expand your reach. doors open 24/7

TattooMapr is dedicated to helping tattoo studios expand their reach, engage more effectively with clients, and ultimately increase bookings through innovative 3D scanning technology. Let us transform your studio into a 24/7 open house and elevate your business to new heights.

What We Do

Revolutionizing Tattoo Studios with Immersive 3D Virtual Tours

TattooMapr is at the forefront of revolutionizing tattoo studios with our cutting-edge immersive 3D virtual tours. By offering a comprehensive 3D scanning service, we provide tattoo studios with a unique opportunity to showcase their space online, making it accessible to clients 24/7.

Our service transforms your physical studio into a stunning virtual experience that can be embedded on your website and shared across social media platforms.

What package is right for you?

Invest in TattooMapr and take your studio to the next level with unparalleled online visibility and client engagement.

Essential Scan

Ideal for shops or studios looking for an affordable, comprehensive 3D Virtual tour with essential features and yearly hosting.

  • 3D Scan of your Tattoo Shop or Studio

  • Virtual Tour Creation (Available in 24 hours)

  • 5-10 Customizable Pins for Tattooers

  • Yearly Hosting

Enhanced Visibility

Tattoo shops or studios seeking enhanced visibility on Google platforms and a flexible monthly hosting option.

Everything in Essential +

  • Uploaded to Google

  • Virtual Tour Creation (Available in 24 hours)

  • 5-10 Customizable Pins for Tattooers

  • Yearly Hosting

  • Monthly Add Ons Available

Ultimate Exposure

Tattoo shops or studios aiming for the highest level of online exposure with comprehensive hosting and pin customization options.

Everything in Enhanced +

  • Drone coverage

  • Social Media Content

  • Listing in the Mapr Network

  • 15 customizable Pins for Tattooers

  • Monthly Add Ons Available

Client Testimonials

What artists are saying about us

Our clients' experiences are at the heart of what we do at TattooMapr. We take pride in transforming tattoo studios into immersive, accessible virtual spaces, and our clients' feedback speaks volumes about the impact we've made. Below, you'll find testimonials from studio owners and artists who have seen firsthand how our 3D scanning technology has enhanced their client engagement, increased their bookings, and elevated their businesses. Hear their stories and discover how TattooMapr can make a difference for your studio too.

We recently opted for the Premium Tier package, and the results have been phenomenal. The 3D scan was quick and non-intrusive, and the virtual tour was up and running in just 24 hours.

Drew Hill

Studio Owner & Tattooer

The customization options for the pins allowed us to highlight our top tattoo artists, and the integration with Google Maps significantly boosted our online visibility. Clients love being able to explore our studio online before their appointments.

Jorge Lopez

Studio Owner & Tattooer

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